Extra Heavy Duty Bull Block
    Close grain cast iron made main body with base and generally built with space walls and ribs for proper alignment and rigidity. Drawings block constructed in specially graded casting, hard metalised and ground at wire line to increase abrasion resistance. Phosphorus Bronze gear and high carbon steel worm immersed in oil bath reservoir in the machine body to absorb its heat of action while in load to maintain a long life of gear set.
Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine
    Machine produces netting from spiral coil and pre-coiled bobbins. Machine supplied with toolings to make any one size of mesh in different gauge thickness. Other mesh sizes can be made with additional main rack and parts supplied as optional equipment at additional cost.Both a Bobbin Winding and a Spiral Winding machine are required to run the main machine.Machine produces .....
Automatic Welded Wire Mesh
    Welding Transformer of required quantity as well as required K.V.A., D.C. Motor with Reduction Gear-Box, Magnet Break, D.C. Drive Panel, Automatic Wire Straightening-cum-cutting Machine with Electric Motor & heavy duty reduction gear-box, Line Wire Divider, Line Wire Guider, Repairing Gun (Spot Welder) with Transformer, required Nos. of wire stand and Separate Coiler to be supplied along with the plant.
Kari Bar Ribbing Wires
    “BWM” Brand Complete unit of Kari Bar/ Wires manufacturing Unit Complete With Ribbing Making Machine With Ribbing Rollers etc., Bull Block, Heavy Duty Wire Drawing Machine with Pointing, Butt Welding, De-scale, Electric Control Panel Board etc. and Automatic Wire Straightening-cum-cutting Machine. Need for smaller Diameter reinforcement:- All International Codes of Practice and Indian code for reinforced construction limit the Maximum Spacing ....
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