:: Range of Products ::
Wire Drawing Machine (Heavy, Medium, Fine & Semi Wet Type). from 20mm to 0.3mm of M.S/H.C./S.S./Copper/Aluminium etc.
All kind of Wire Netting Machinery. (Hexagonal Wire Netting, Wire Weaving/ Power Loom, Crimped Wire Cloth/Vibrating Screen Making Plant etc.)
Sheet Expanded Metal Machine.
Wire Galvanizing Plant (Hot Deep/Electro Plating).
Wire Annealing Furnace (Electrically Heated, Oil Fired, Wood Fired & Gas Fired).
Automatic Umbrella Ribs Making Plant. (Straight & Folding type complete Plant.)
Automatic Welded Wire Mesh making Plant.
Automatic Wires/Wire Rods straightening-cum-cutting Machine (from 25mm to 1.2mm capacity.)
Automatic Kari Bar Ribbing Plant.
MIG Welding & CO2 Gas Welding manufacturing Plant.
Automatic Rolling Shutter making Plant.
Barbed Wire making Machine.
Wire Pointing Machine.
Butt Welding machine (from 30 KVA to 3 KVA).
Automatic Electric Control Panel Board.
Bobbin Winding /Spooling Machine.
Mechanical De-scaling Attachment.
Motorised Die-polishing Machine.
Automatic Wire scrubber making Machine.
Automatic Box stapling/Wire stitching Machine.
Any other Wire Industries Machinery (as per buyer’s requirement).
A"J"- Hooks & "L" Hooks Making Machine