:: Plant & Machinery For Automatic Welded Wire Mesh ::
           “BWM” Brand Automatic Welded Mesh Making Machine as per following specifications.


Model No. : BWM - 12. / BWM– 15. / BWM–25.
Max. Welded Width.    : 1250 M.M./ 1550 M.M./ 2550M.M.
Line Wire Spacing.      : 15 M.M. to 200M.M.
Cross Wire Spacing     : 15 M.M. to 200M.M.
Range of Wires.          : 1.2M.M.to 6.0M.M.
Max .Welding Speed    : 80/70/60 Stroke Per Minute.
Power Load.              : 200 K. V. A. / 250 K.V. A./ 350 K.V.A.

Necessary Equipments to be supplied With the Machine :-

Welding Transformer of required quantity as well as required K.V.A., D.C. Motor with Reduction Gear-Box, Magnet Break, D.C. Drive Panel, Automatic Wire Straightening-cum-cutting Machine with Electric Motor & heavy duty reduction gear-box, Line Wire Divider, Line Wire Guider, Repairing Gun (Spot Welder) with Transformer, required Nos. of wire stand and Separate Coiler to be supplied along with the plant.