:: Wire Annealing Furnace ::

Pit Type Electrically Heated or Oil Fired Wire Annealing Furnace suitable to annealed of M. S. Wires complete in all respects as per the following dimensions:

Working Height. 3 ft. (for 0.5 M. T.) 5 ft. (for 1.0 M. T.) and 7 ft. (for 1.5 M. T.).
Working Dia.      3.5 ft. (for all the above capacity).

Temperature :- Up to 900 degree C. (required maximum up to 825 degree C. for annealing the Wires).
Power required :- 30 K. W. (for 0.5 M. T.), 60 K. W. (for 1.0 M. T.) and 75 K. W. (for 1.5 M. T.).